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Summer is on its way, holiday planning is on process already? Are you used to flying to an exotic destination and lying on the beach throughout the whole holiday, or going to explore a rich-cultured city on the other side of the earth? Time to make a change that benefits your mental and physical wellbeing—go on retreats. There is a variety of retreats in different locations in the world. You can go to Bahamas for a yoga retreat, Spain for silent meditation retreat or Greece for a food and fitness retreat. Retreats do not only have advantages of improving self-awareness and self-relationship, but also a great way to connect with Mother Nature and explore a new destination on a different prospective, other than usual touristy prospective. Retreat holiday packages are getting more and more recognized and popular these days. Most of them often contain luxury accommodations and a full guide for the whole retreat at an affordable price. While it is your choice to do activities like yoga, meditation, exercise by yourself on your retreat holiday, there is a fulfilling advantage of a buying a retreat package from a service supplier—get to meet new and like-minded people. Read on to find out top 4 reasons why you should go on retreat holiday instead of a relaxing and lazy holiday on the beach.

1. Connect with Nature

Going on retreat and doing activities like hiking in a forest, chasing the waterfall, mediation at a view point and writing next to a river is a great way to connect with Mother Nature and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It helps you rekindle your inner connection and truly feel and listen to your heart.

2. Unplug From Your Everyday Routine

During retreats, you get to really stay away from the usual distractions such as smartphones, social media, work, friends and families. Having moments when you are free of distractions allows us a chance to actually reflect on how we are living our lives and what our heart truly wants.

3. Pamper and Love Yourself

Plenty of us usually feel guilty and ashamed if we take time to pamper ourselves away from our work and our loved ones. Now, retreat is a great opportunity to focus on yourself and strengthen the relationship between your body, mind and spirit. We should put ourselves first and grow healthily before we care about others and take care of others. In addition to it, we need all of our aspects of us to be balanced and harmonized in order to be an all-around healthy person.

4. Find a New You

A retreat will help you find a new you that you never knew before. When you connect with inner self and build a deeper with yourself, you will learn something new about yourself that you never learnt before, which is part of personal development. You need to achieve inside to be a person who has a great relationship with yourself before you can achieve outside success. Different activities, places and like-minded people give you opportunities to expose yourself to a new way of being you.

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