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Just as with any tree, pruning is an incredibly important part of taking care of them and keeping them naturally healthy. The need for this is even more prevalent when it comes to caring for palm trees. This is because palm tree fronds grow rapidly, and wither and dry out equally as fast. This soon becomes a fire hazard and can also become a danger for anyone walking nearby or under the palm tree. Fronds that have withered and died tend to fall off at random and blow about in the wind. Thus, having the palm tree pruned and these fronds trimmed away is essential for keeping the area safe.  

But palm tree pruning isn’t just about safely cutting away the dead and excess fronds from the tree itself but clearing around the tree as well. Again, dead and dry fronds are a fire hazard and can be especially dangerous in hot countries like Australia which experience significant heat waves throughout the year.  

If you’re concerned about the palm trees on your property and you think that you could do with having them pruned and maintained by a professional arborist, then Lakeside Trees and Stumps would be our recommendation. Have a reputable and reliable tree-care expert come out to your property and work their magic!  

Aesthetic Benefits  

In addition to the evident health and safety benefits that come with having your palm trees pruned, there are other aesthetic benefits as well. Naturally, a palm tree that is covered with dead and dying fronds is not so easy on the eye when compared to a freshly pruned and healthy-looking tree.  

If you wish to keep the palm trees on your property looking their absolute best, then regular pruning is going to be an essentiality.  

It’s Safer Than Attempting It Alone  

Palm trees aren’t the easiest tree to climb which is why you should always hire a professional when it comes to pruning them. Getting up high enough and being able to safely remove the dead and dying fronds is no simple task, so you’re better off hiring the professionals to handle it on your behalf. This can save you a world of trouble should you try it alone and find yourself struggling to get the job done safely.  

Get your palm tree pruned today and promote strong future growth. Pruning is an important part of tree care and helps to keep them as healthy and attractive as possible.  

If the thought of keeping your property safe whilst restoring the aesthetic appeal to your trees is attractive to you, then you should call your local arborist today and book yourself in for an appointment!   



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