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Every wonder why homeowners choose to use artificial grass instead of using the more natural approach? Believe it or not there are actually a plethora of benefits that come with using a synthetic lawn system, and these days more and more home owners are taking advantage of them. In this article we will cover some of those uses and benefits so that you can determine if using a synthetic lawn could be the right choice for you.

What is a Synthetic Lawn and how is it made?

A synthetic lawn is composed of artificial grass built from synthetic fibres, made to resemble natural grass. It is manufactured through an intricate process depending on the type of application, and then installed on the ground. It differs from artificial grass in that; it has a low maintenance cost, it’s always green and consistent, and most importantly it’s environmentally friendly. 

Uses for Synthetic Lawns?

Every homeowner has an idea of how they would like their home and lawn to look. Using artificial grass allows every homeowner the ability to create the ideal landscape that will not require long hours of upkeep and maintenance and keep it’s green year round. It’s no wonder that synthetic lawns are becoming more popular today…

Here are some useful applications for using a synthetic lawn around the home:

  • Home Lawn – This is probably the most widely known use. Synthetic grass for the home lawn is widely used nowadays because of the low maintenance cost, no need for chemicals, and its smoothness makes for a picturess home lawn.
  • Garden – Some homeowners decide to use synthetic grass to add a garden to their home. A balcony is an ideal place for this type of application. Those without much yard space often opt for a synthetic rooftop garden. This gives that green lush feeling and also provides a comfortable place to lounge and watch the children play with little maintenance required.
  • Paths and walkways – synthetic grass pathways are used eliminate the need for cement sidewalks.
  • Dog Runs -Dogs can be extremely hard on lawns. They dig holes and their waste can cause clumps of thick growth or large discolored patches to appear on natural lawns. These problems are eliminated when artificial grass is used to design a lawn.
  • Recreational Areas –Many homeowners turn designated portions of their lawn into recreational areas using synthetic grass, such as:
  • Picnic areas – Sections can be created complete with a gazebo or pavilion to enjoy a full outdoor dining space.
  • Tennis courts (or other types of athletic field) – Can be built so friends and family can practice their favourite sports on a stable surface.
  • Playgrounds – Makes an area at home that’s ideal for children and grandchildren to play.
  • Putting greens– Wonderful for avid golfers who want to be able to keep improving their putting skills without all the fees.
  • Pools and spas – Used to surround a pool or spa to make an attractive turf, easy and safe to walk on.

The Benefits of Using a Synthetic Lawn

As you can see, using a synthetic lawn in your home can have numerous useful applications. With artificial grass you are free to design your yard to be your own personal playground. Using artificial turf allows you the privilege of enjoying your favourite pastimes whenever you choose, without having to constantly repair or replace large areas of natural grass.

In terms of costs and upkeep, no watering or trimming is needed to maintain artificial grass and it holds up extremely well under almost any type of activity. This conserves a ton of water, which is not only great for the environment, but cost efficient as well.

So, after reading hopefully you can understand the many benefits and uses of having a synthetic lawn, and perhaps it could be the perfect solution for your home as well.

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