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No matter what the sport is, whether it is for a school or a company, a sport tournament is always loads of fun. It is a good way to attract people who want to have a great day to participate and raise money for your organization. More importantly, it is an effective way to practice and enhance your organizational skills. If you own a club, it is also a brilliant way to advertise your club and attract new players and supporters. Even though a sport tournament is lot of fun, organization part takes time, energy and dedication. If you have no clue where to start, it can turn out stressful. However, if you have been a successful event organizer, the planning process can be just as fun as the game. Read on to learn how to organize a successful sports tournament.

1. Get Volunteers

If you are a single organizer who doesn’t own an organization or a club, no matter what size of the tournament is, there are loads of things you will need help to get done with. Don’t be a superman and try to take on everything on your shoulder, because you might end up not getting things done the way they could be. Get your tournament heard, and look for passionate and well-organized volunteers for help.

2. Choose the Right Date

Choose the Right DateYou need to choose a right date for your tournament. When choose a tournament date, there are a few factors you should consider. Does the date conflict with other major events in your community? Is the date around school holiday? What are the availabilities of sport facilities and venue around that date?

3. Make a List

Make a to-do list and get things done one by one. Putting down notes at the end of every item helps you keep track of the process. For example, mark the available dates of the venue. Also trophies and medals are for sure necessary items, you will need to go to a trophy shop to get trophies and medals.

4. Contact players and referees

If you have done it in the past, you can contact your previous players and referees. If not, find teams and referees based on the size of your tournament. Make sure the size of your tournament does not outnumber your volunteers and the budget.

5. Advertise Your Tournament

Advertising your tournament can help you get in touch with new teams and participants more easily. Facebook is a great tool for advertising a local event, or you can spread flyers in your community.

6. Raise Funds

If your advertising result turns out surprisingly good and you see a crowd, sell them something! There are a various ways to raise funds that cover the cost. You can charge participants a small registration fee. Attract stall holders to sell sports items like T-shirts, training aids and manuals and charge them a small fee to have a stall at your event. You can also sell some bits and pieces at your own stalls, such as club gears. What’s more, people need to stay hydrated at all time! Selling refreshment is a key earner for your event. You can find your own suppliers and set it up by yourself, or have professionals pay you a fee and run this for you. A buffet or barbecue at the end of a tournament is also a great money maker, and an excellent way to gather and connect and have fun after the game.

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