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Having children is obviously quite an expensive thing, so holiday’s can start to really take their toll on the ol’ bank account. However, there are cheaper alternatives to going on vacation to another country and one in particular that your children will especially enjoy.

Certainly, as your kids get older, they might start doing that horrible teenager thing where they compare everything they have to their friends “Nancy would never go camping, her parents take her to the Maldives six times a year.” But fortunately, if they’re still young enough then they will not be biased at all and will absolutely lose their minds over an awesome camping trip!

They can connect with nature

One of the sad things about today’s youngest generation is that they have little interaction with nature. It’s all about social media, the internet, their smartphones, and keeping up with the Joneses. Well, there shall be none of that on your camping trip! Have a technology-free adventure and introduce them to nature in all of its splendour!

Inspire them with a sense of adventure

Children already have incredibly active minds, but it can be made even better by taking them camping. They will be able to meet other children camping, and they will have a wealth of exciting new smells and sights to explore! This will invariably boost their mood, improve their mental health, and demonstrate just how beautiful and simple life can be.

Help them build resilience

Children today aren’t rolling around in the dirt or scuffing their knees as much as they should be. A life spent indoors is too predictable. A child should be challenged to new surroundings and basic tasks such as collecting firewood, building a fire, picking up supplies from the camp shop and more.

Tap into their creative side

Camping is a great opportunity for children to explore the natural world and tap into their creative side. They will be able to find ways to entertain themselves, rather than relying on a tablet or smart phone. You’d be surprised by how much fun a child can have when left to their own devices when camping!

Strengthen their imaginations

There’s nothing quite so stimulating for a child than being able to laze out under the stars and ponder the universe. It’s fun swapping stories and trying to answer the untold questions of the universe. They can come up with their own theories and have fun speculating about what’s out there, beyond the stars.


You owe it to your children to give them these gorgeous opportunities to explore and appreciate nature in their youth. The world is a truly beautiful place and they should learn to love and respect it.

If you’re interested in a camping trip and would like to save as much money as you can in doing so, try to borrow as much gear as you can from friends, and also pick up budget items such as recycled, affordable camping mats. With a bit of planning and creativity you will be able to save plenty of money and have an awful lot of fun whilst you’re at it!

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