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Who doesn’t want a fresh and healthy-looking lawn that requires very little maintenance to keep in top condition? It’s the dream isn’t it? Sure, a bit of maintenance is to be expected, and sometimes its nice to get outside in the sunshine and mow the lawn; however, there are certain species which require a significant among less hard-work than others.  

In this post we’re going to look at a dense Palmetto Buffalo turf, its features, benefits and what separates this particular variety from the rest. First of all, we’d like to point out that unlike most traditional varieties of Buffalo grass, Palmetto boasts a very soft leaf which is not scratchy and is great for children. But, what else makes it so great?  

Excellent Winter Colour  

As the temperature drops and winter approaches, most varieties of grass tend to show signs of discoloration and in some cases will go completely brown. The beautiful thing about Palmetto Buffalo is that it holds much of its colour during the winter months, keeping your lawn looking fresh and attractive, all year-round!  

Significant Shade Tolerance  

Most grasses fail in shaded areas, whereas Palmetto thrives. All that is required for Palmetto Buffalo, is between 2 and 4 hours of direct sunlight a day. This makes Palmetto the perfect variety of turf for those of you who have particularly shaded gardens that don’t get a huge amount of sunlight throughout the day.  

Less Mowing (Which is Awesome)  

While Palmetto Buffalo spreads at quite a high-rates, its upward growth is slower than most other varieties, which is why it doesn’t require such frequent mowing. This is what makes Palmetto so attractive to most people in Australia, as so little work is required when it comes to maintenance. Again, it’s nice to be out mowing the lawn now and again, but it’s not something that you want to be doing all of the time. A lawn is to be enjoyed, not toiled over.  

Resistant to Weeds  

Palmetto Buffalo is incredibly well-versed in outcompeting weeds and once established, will make it terribly difficult for weeds to invade. That’s not to say that your lawn is going to be entirely weed-free, however provided that you establish your lawn properly and take the correct care of it, you shouldn’t have many problems at all!  

Fewer Seed Heads  

If you have allergies or someone in your family is prone to suffering from hay-fever, then you’ll be pleased to know that Palmetto Buffalo grass is significantly less allergenic than its peer varieties.  

Deep Root and Drought Resistant  

The deep root of the Palmetto Buffalo makes it incredibly effective at and retaining water, which is why this variety is so resistant to drought, – perfect for those long, dry months.  

Resistant to Wear and Tear  

This variety of Buffalo is perfect for families with children and pets such as dogs, particularly if you spend much of your time fooling around in the garden. Palmetto is tough and resistant and has excellent wear recovery, so we would certainly recommend this variety.  

Interested in exploring this turf further? Get in contact with a reputable company such as A View Turf. Palmetto Buffalo is resistant to weeds, wear and drought, its less allergenic, has fewer seed heads, boasts an excellent winter colour, requires less mowing and displays an excellent tolerance in the shade; what more could you want?  

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